Build a Skill with the Alexa Skills Kit

The Amazon Echo, Alexa-based devices, and Works with Alexa were THE story of CES 2017. The Echo is a seasoned digital assistant and the Dot provides a low barrier for entry at only $50. Being able to develop Alexa Skills is a nice value-add to your repertoire of tech kills. Get a good understanding of how to do this in 75 minutes!

It is still a great time to learn how to create an Alexa skill and get millions of people to interact with it. By using Amazon’s ecosystem and Node.js we will build an Alexa Skill that can be hosted in the cloud and available to all Alexa devices (Echo, Tap, Dot, Fire TV, and a host of other devices embedding the Alexa Voice Services).

This session will cover an introduction to the Alexa Skills Kit and development environment for building skills. We will use that knowledge to build a working skill and experiment with it during the session.

Rick Wargo

Rick Wargo is an innovative and cross-functional technology leader and architect with extensive experience in full lifecycle software development, data warehousing and analytics, business strategy, and process improvement in professional services, legal, and healthcare verticals. Rick played integral roles in developing, building, and delivering successful solution architectures in Microsoft and Open Source technologies leading up to 10x performance increases in execution and cost savings. He is currently serving as president of the Philadelphia Business Intelligence User Group. Rick is also an Alexa Champion. Find out more by visiting