Build a Cross Platform Mobile Data Entry App with C#, Xamarin and Azure

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Regardless of the use case, any typical business mobile app contains some sort of data entry, retrieval and manipulation. The purpose of this day long session is to cover all the aspects of building such an app from the bottom up, leveraging your skills in C#, Visual Studio and SQL Server, while reaching all major mobile platforms with maximum of code sharing.

In order to build the full experience, we’ll analyze a business case and build everything from the scratch – database, services and mobile client(s). Database deployment will be done on Azure SQL, services on Azure Web Apps for the WebAPI part and mobile clients on the devices (iOS, Android and WinPhone)

Hopefully this will give enough reasons and inspire you to build your future mobile app with Xamarin and Azure.

Georgian Grigore

Georgian is a tenured full stack developer and architect, using primarily Microsoft technologies by day, but also dabbing into open source by night. He has more than a decade of experience building business applications, mainly in the healthcare and e-commerce areas. In his free time he’s interested in mobile, cloud and web development, working on several apps and sites, backed up by azure web services. He can be contacted at