Breaking Scriptcs

You’ve read the blog posts. You’ve heard the podcasts. You’ve seen the presentations. You know Scriptcs gives you a new and lightweight way to write C#. Maybe you’ve even written a script pack or two. You’re ready for more.

In this talk, I will take you beyond the basics. From the console to the compiler, I will show you how to redefine its behavior – one component at a time.

You know how to use Scriptcs. Now, I will show you how you can abuse it.

Justin Rusbatch

Justin is an open source developer with a passion for simplicity. He is the creator of and coordinator for scriptcs. He also co–hosts Seriously Open, a podcast focusing on the .NET open source community, with Nick Berardi, Phil Haack, and Dale Ragan.

An aspiring beer aficionado with a caffeine addiction, Justin can often be found drinking a fresh cup of coffee or acquainting himself with a new beer.