Bootstrap your web styles with Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a simple but powerful CSS framework that simplifies web and front-end development. It is currently used by many web sites and is becoming part of many frameworks for building single page apps (i.e Durandal).

In this session we start with an introduction to Twitter Bootstrap followed by how to use it when prototyping and building web applications and finish with a look at the growing ecosystem of extension, plug-ins and tools.

Boulos Dib

Boulos Dib is a consultant and founder of Napeague Inc., a New York City based consulting company focused on Microsoft technologies.  Programming since 1983, Boulos specializes in developing solutions and services and has worked with clients in a variety of domains including financial, legal, media, security, and e-commerce.   He is a developer, trainer, and frequent speaker at local user groups.  Boulos is the founder of the NY Windows Developers meetup, co-founder of the NY Pluralsight Study Group, Assistant organizer of the NY ALT.Net and the NYC Code Camp as well as former Co-Organizer of the NY Windows Phone and NY XAML User groups.