Beyond the Box: Distributed Programming with ZeroMQ

As fast and powerful as the PC has become, it’s still not enough. Modern computing demands moving code up and out — from threads to processes to machines to clusters. To do so intelligently requires solid tools and flexible techniques. In this example-driven talk, you’ll learn how ZeroMQ, a library for distributed computing, provides the means to rise up to the challenges of modern computing. In particular, we will explore how a language-agnostic, pattern-based approach to message exchange may be used to deliver sophisticated and compelling distributed programming solutions.

Paulmichael Blasucci

As a passionate – yet pragmatic – enthusiast of multi-paradigm and ployglot engineering, Paulmichael has spent the past 16 years blending a disparate array of languages, technologies, and methodologies to develop compelling solutions to a wide range of business problems. He especially enjoys solving challenges in distributed computing, visual communications, and heterogeneous enterprise systems. He is the co-organizer of the New York City F# Users Group and a co-founder of the NashF#: the Nashvile F# Meetup. In 2014, he received a Microsoft MVP Award for his work in the .NET community. When not at the keyboard, Paulmichael may be found exploring the metro NYC area with his wife (though his soul is still honky-tonkin’ in Nashville, TN).