Bending C# To Your Will In .Net 5.0

The current C# compiler works as a “black box” to generate an assembly from source code. If you want to extend the language with analysis tools (like StyleCop, IntelliSense, or ReSharper), scripting environments, or domain-specific language features, you need to re-invent a lot of the same parsing logic. The next version of C# and VB.Net will include entirely new compilers (codename Roslyn) designed from the ground up to expose the internal logic as public APIs.

In this session, you’ll learn through code samples how to use the new C# compiler APIs to effortlessly create an interactive scripting console, add your own domain-specific language features, and analyze the semantic structure of your code. We’ll showcase projects which use the new compiler APIs to create powerful utilities and IDE features.

Scott Kay

Scott Kay is a software engineer and just recently started working for GrubHub. He has been developing in C# and .Net since the platform’s inception – first as a Microsoft Evangelist and continuing through his work and personal projects. Beyond .Net, he dabbles in the Go programming language and with data/multimedia compression.