Batch Processing with Azure WebJobs – My Next SuperPower

In Azure, everything old is new again. Case in point, the much maligned batch-processing paradigm has been given new life in Azure; whether it be parsing documents into searchable text, process images into thumbnails, creating PDFs, dispatching emails, sending SMS, manipulating files, performing backups, validating data, executing long-running calculations and more. During this code-heavy session I’ll show you how to create a set of secure production-ready WebJobs to do all of the above, with logging, poison-message handling, monitoring, queue and service-bus integration, load / cost optimization and even alerting.

Louis Berman

Louis Berman is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded four different technology firms and was employed as a CTO at and He presently serves as a Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA) at Microsoft. Mr. Berman developed the very first global-scale CDN deployed on Azure (predating Microsoft’s own offering by some 19 months!), plus three different automated trading platforms, a 3,200-core HPC cluster that delved into crop genomics—the largest RDMA-style cluster ever fielded in Azure up until that point, in late 2016—and countless other projects both on and off the cloud. Mr. Berman currently serves as CSA for the largest Azure customer (both by monthly spend and breadth of usage) in Microsoft Northeast. As a speaker, Mr. Berman has presented on a variety of technical and scientific topics. Recent presentations include “WebJobs (My Next SuperPower!)” for Philly Code Camp, “Batch Processing in Azure” for Microsoft’s TechReady and “ScopeSeeing: A Lifelong Quest to Visit The World’s Greatest Telescopes” for the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF); the world’s largest astronomy event. An avid astronomer, Mr. Berman led the very first visual observation of Eris—the largest dwarf planet in our solar system—and is the president of the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers.