Azure Patterns for Architects and Devs: Service Bus and CDN

There are so many Azure features and patterns out there, where should you start? Becoming familiar with Azure takes natural path of IaaS VMs, then Web Apps, then new patterns involving Service Bus and CDN. In this session, I will focus specifically on Azure Service Bus, Azure Relay, Azure CDN, and wrap up with an overall architecture showing them and more.

Tim Ferro

Tim Ferro is a Microsoft MVP, SharePoint/Azure Architect, and Senior Developer living in the Philadelphia, PA metro area. As a professional IT consultant for over the past thirteen years, he has been working almost exclusively with SharePoint for the past nine. Branching out, he was a technical editor for 3 of the You Don’t Know JS series of O’Reilly books, and is a certified Microsoft Specialist for Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. He is a 3x Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies and a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in SharePoint 2010 for both Development and Configuration. These days he is working on architecture for SharePoint, Azure, hybrid, and more.