Azure Deployments: Empowering You for Continuous Delivery in the Cloud

One of the core tenants for working with cloud services is automation. When it comes to deploying our new cloud solutions, we want to automate the process as much as possible too. Both Visual Studio and the Windows Azure online management portal make deployments pretty easy – but it’s manual. By leveraging tools like PowerShell, Visual Studio, Azure Management APIs, we can automate much of the mundane deployment tasks, allowing us to have confidence in the final solution. In this session we’ll also discuss techniques for handling the inevitable updates of our cloud services. Coming away from this session you’ll have a solid understanding, backed by practical real-world examples, of handling service deployments and updates.
Session will cover the Compute Services, Web Sites, Mobile Services, SQL Database and more both for on-prem and cloud-based ALM engines.

Rinat Shagisultanov

Rinat Shagisultanov is a National Architect for Application Platform Group @ Neudesic with focus on Custom App Development. He has been with Neudesic for 8+ years and worked on CAD projects for the past 20+ years. His specialties include but not limited to ALM, Cloud, IoT and AI applications. He is based out of Philly Main Line. When he is not working on the projects or busy with his family, Rinat enjoys traveling, outdoors and Crossfit.