Automating the Cloud

Start a server in the cloud, deploy some code to it. Easy? But what if you had to do it 500 times? Come meet Chef and find out why deploying apps to hundreds or even thousands of servers in the cloud can be just as simple as deploying to a single local server. Chef is a configuration management tool that makes dealing with all your servers easy. It’s simple to get started on one or a handful of machines and take those same scripts and infrastructure up to much larger deployments. This talk will cover the basics and rationale for automation, then demonstrate how the same scripts that provision a single server can provision many servers. And once those servers are running, modifying the configuration on all of them is as simple as editing a single file.

Mat Schaffer

Mat Schaffer is a full stack web developer with a passion for effective process and clean code. He spent the last decade working on high-traffic web applications and optimizing developer productivity at Comcast. Now he’s bringing that experience to bear on companies across the country as co-founder of Mashion. He’s also an regular contributor to open source and organizes the Philadelphia Ruby Group, Philly.rb. When he’s not coding he can be found playing music, rock climbing or squeezing a giggle out of his son.