ASP.NET SignalR: The Real-Time Web in the Real World

ASP.NET SignalR enables “real time” and “server push” scenarios where you can break the dependency on the request/response cycle and communicate back to your connected clients whenever you need to! Instead of writing ajax style polling that constantly pings your server, take advantage of the features that the big sites do like long polling, server sent events, and web sockets, but without having to care what your server and connected browser support. SignalR provides a friendly abstraction with a beautiful API that will have you building real time stock tickers, chat applications, or multiplayer games in no time.

Join Chris as he demonstrates the use of SignalR to power the communication of a simple multiplayer game that everyone with an internet connection will be able to try together. Chris will also provide real world experience on the ups and downs of development as well as how you can host SignalR anywhere with the power of OWIN. Connect your browser users AND thick clients from WPF and WinRT together. It works. It’s awesome.

Chris Gomez

Chris has been writing Windows software professionally for 19 years. His day jobs have included developing kiosks for theme parks and retail stores and building portfolio analytics for commercial lending. Today His hobby for game development started much earlier by making games using ASCII characters in text mode using BASICA. However, in his free time, you’ll find Chris playing the latest games on his Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.