ASP.NET 5 SignalR

SignalR makes it easy for you to enable real time communication between your server and client.  Your server code can make calls “back into the JavaScript” of your web page and your web pages can make calls “to server methods” in SignalR Hub classes.  Great for server updates and multi user applications, you can use this technology today in your ASP.NET applications.

We will build a simple demonstration of JavaScript code “calling back into the server” and C# server code “calling back into JavaScript”.  We’ll deliberately create a few bugs and turn on SignalR’s debugging tools to fix them.  If time permits we’ll have some multiuser fun as well.

Chris Gomez

Chris has been writing Windows software professionally for 19 years. His day jobs have included developing kiosks for theme parks and retail stores and building portfolio analytics for commercial lending. Today His hobby for game development started much earlier by making games using ASCII characters in text mode using BASICA. However, in his free time, you’ll find Chris playing the latest games on his Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.