Are you really doing microservices?

Microservices aren’t small services. A microservice architecture is a very different approach to building applications. If you’ve done web services or WCF services or Web API REST services then you know what services are and you’re ready to take the next step and see how large applications are designed in a manageable way with a microservices architecture. Examples will be shown using Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, .NET Core, Azure functions and a variety of UIs. Come ready to see application development in a cool new way.

Mike Yeager

Mike is the CEO of EPS’ Houston office and a skilled developer. Mike excels at evaluating business requirements and turning them into results from development teams. He’s been the Project Lead on many projects at EPS and promotes the use of modern best practices such as the Agile development paradigm and the use of design patterns. Before coming to EPS Mike was a business owner developing a high-profile software business in the leisure industry. He grew the business from 2 employees to over 30 before selling the company and looking for new challenges. Implementation experience includes: .NET, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Angular and more.