Architecting applications using Azure Service Bus

Windows Azure Service Bus provides a hosted, secure, and widely available infrastructure for widespread communication, large-scale event distribution, naming, and service publishing. Developing medium-to-large scale enterprise system needs serious attention and consideration of Scalability, Security, Availability, Reliability, etc. quality attributes. In this session, I will walk through how to architect an enterprise level system using Azure Service Bus infrastructure that can address the quality attribute requirements such as scalability, security, availability, etc. We will also discuss what Azure Service Bus offers and how you can perform tradeoff in choosing between different elements in Azure Service Bus. For the demos, I will be using C# and WCF to use Azure Service Bus infrastructure but you don’t need to have prior WCF experience for attending this presentation.

Joy Chakraborty

Joy is a Distributed System Architect, 17+ yrs of Application Software development experience, 10+ yrs of .NET and C# development experience, 5+ yrs of work experience in ASP .NET web application scaling and performance improvement, 4+ yrs of WCF experience with a special interest in distributed/parallel computing, currently working on Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies for last 4+ years. Also, he is actively part of various Software architectural organization and active open source contributor on big-data projects.