Architecting and Shipping Applications with Docker

Docker is a hot technology that is different than virtualization and needs to be thought about differently. It is based on containers which are light weight units that contain your software. Docker also supports a github like registry that can be used to version and find containers that others have created making it easy to get new technology stood up. Many want to architect for containers the same way you would for Virtual machines, but that would be a less effective way of utilizing the power of containers. Come learn what the benefits of Docker are, how you can architect for it and bring it into your infrastructure and how to use Azure to deploy Docker containers.

Mitch Ruebush

Mitch Ruebush is the Home Loans Development Team Leader at ING DIRECT, fsb. He is responsible for defining and coordinating the architecture for the applications and infrastructure at ING DIRECT. He has written a number of books and articles on .NET and enjoys spending his time as a father of two great kids, a hobbyist film maker, playing piano and saxophone and trying to write a video game.