Anything C# can do F# can do better

Are you a C# developer and have ever wondered what the F# language can do? Or have you wondered if functional programming is really all it’s cracked up to be? If you’re a .NET developer and you want to better your skills, then it’s best to at least familiarize yourself with F#. In this session, you’ll do just that, along with learning about when F# is a better choice, although sometimes C# is. Rachel and Rachel will review several common coding practices that you do in C# every day, and their functional F# equivalent. In the end, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if F# can do anything C# can do.

Rachel Appel

Rachel works as a developer evangelist for Microsoft based in the NYC Metro area. Previous to joining Microsoft, Rachel has worked with a variety of languages, technologies and systems. She has developed software products of all sizes, from small desktop programs to large scale enterprise applications at some of the world’s leading companies. Rachel’s expertise lies within developing solutions that align business and technology using the Microsoft .NET family of products, particularly ASP.NET & SQL Server. She is also a recognized speaker who can be found giving talks at national conferences such as DevConnections, MIX, CodeStock and others.  Rachel is also an alumni of the Microsoft MVP award program and INETA Speakers Bureau.

Rachel Reese

Rachel Reese is a long-time software engineer and math geek who can often be found talking to random strangers about the joys of functional programming and F#. She currently works for in NYC. She has helped run the Nashville F# User group, @NashFSharp, and the Burlington, VT functional programming user group, @VTFun. She’s also an ASPInsider, an F# MVP, a community enthusiast, one of the founding @lambdaladies, and a Rachii. You can find her on twitter, @rachelreese, or on her blog: