Angular 2 for ASP.NET Developers

Angular.js 2 is the state of the art when it comes to web applications. Whether you’re an MVC or Web Forms developer, after this session you won’t find it hard to make the leap to client-side single page app (SPA) development. You’ll see how to use Angular.js 2 and TypeScript to build amazing web experiences in the browser instead of on the server as you take all of the familiar architecture, patterns and best practices you know in C# or VB.NET and apply them to a new environment. Modern web applications are just not that hard once you learn a little bit of the lingo and see a few examples. This session cuts through the hype and shows you what you need to know to launch a successful transition from old to new and become one of the cool kids of web development.

Mike Yeager

Mike is the CEO of EPS’ Houston office and a skilled developer. Mike excels at evaluating business requirements and turning them into results from development teams. He’s been the Project Lead on many projects at EPS and promotes the use of modern best practices such as the Agile development paradigm and the use of design patterns. Before coming to EPS Mike was a business owner developing a high-profile software business in the leisure industry. He grew the business from 2 employees to over 30 before selling the company and looking for new challenges. Implementation experience includes: .NET, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Angular and more.