Angular 101: Angular from Start to Finish

This will be a hands-on session on Angular development.

It will assume zero knowledge about Angular and TypeScript. We’ll start from scratch and build an application that will cover the following topics:

* Introduction to Angular
* Introduction to TypeScript
* A basic Angular Application
* Components
* Databinding
* Directives and Pipes
* Dependency Injection in Angular
* Asynchronous Services
* Routing
* Forms in Angular

The workshop will introduce attendees to Angular and TypeScript and by the end, they will have built a database driven ToDo application in Angular.

Nick Hodges

Nick Hodges is a Software Developemnt Manager at Gateway Ticketing Systems. A long-time Delphi developer, he has recently turned his attention to TypeScript and Angular.

Nick has a BA in Classical Languages from Carleton College and an MS in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. In his career he has been a busboy, a cook, a caddie, a telemarketer (for which he apologizes), an Office Manager, a high school teacher, a Naval Intelligence officer, a software developer, a product manager, and a software development manager. In addition, he is a former Delphi Product Manager and Delphi R&D Team Manager. He’s a passionate Minnesota sports fan — especially the Timberwolves — as he grew up and went to college in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. He currrently lives with his family in Gilbertsville, PA.