Advanced Troubleshooting Tools for .NET Applications

Are you spending hours troubleshooting .net production issues? With limited tools and an isolated environment, troubleshooting can be tough in production. Commonly used tools like Application Logs, EventViewer and PerfMon may not provide you enough information in all situations. WinDbg is currently the most widely used advanced troubleshooting tool, but has a steep learning curve. Microsoft has introduced two new tools that are much more dev-ops friendly: System Center 2012 .NET Application Performance Monitoring and VS.NET 2012 Intellitrace Everywhere. In this talk I will demonstrate how to leverage these tools to view detailed stack trace and parameter values for exceptions and performance issues in production.

Ravi Okade

I am enjoying the IT journey and all its innovations, disruptions and hype for many years. My seatbelt is on for the next round.