A Swift Introduction to Swift

Swift is an exciting new language introduced by Apple during WWDC 2014. Taking cues from modern languages such as Rust and F#, Swift is a refreshing replacement for the aging Objective-C language. Apple recently open sourced Swift 2. This means it will soon power web servers on the open web! Swift’s playground environment makes it easy to quickly play with the language and is the tool of choice for experimentation. This session will bring you up to speed with the Swift language through live code demos inside of a Swift playground. You’ll leave with the knowledge needed to tackle iOS, Mac and eventually web applications using a new language.

Brent Schooley

Brent is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio serving the Philadelphia area as well as the online video community. He is a software developer who has been working with Microsoft technologies since 2004. His interests include client and mobile application development and user experience design with a recent emphasis on cross-platform mobile applications and client-side JavaScript frameworks. He spends most of his work days creating engaging and informative video content for Twilio’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Other platforms he has worked with include WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Brent is the author of Designing for Windows 8, a Windows 8 design primer from Apress. He is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Developer Technologies.