A Second Glance: Extending and Customizing Glimpse

Right out of the box, Glimpse seems to tell you pretty much everything you could ever want to know about your standard web application.  How long did my request take to execute?  How much of that was on the server vs. on the client?  Which ASP.NET MVC routes were considered?  Which SQL queries were executed (and how long did they take)?  Glimpse has all the answers.

All the answers about a standard web app, that is.  But yours isn’t just any web app – it’s *your* web app.  And your app operates on data that Glimpse doesn’t know anything about. Things like: what items are in the user’s cart?  What’s the details of that message that got sent across our custom-built service bus?  Which customer service representatives are available to chat right now?

This talk will show you how to customize Glimpse to get at that last 20% of information that you really need — the stuff that is specific to your application.  We’ll explore the various integration points that Glimpse provides, from displaying simple bits of information to a full-fledged real-time interactive interface.

Jess Chadwick

Jess Chadwick is a Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning author, host of the Static Void Podcast, founding board member of the TechBash developer conference, and dev manager and architect at one of the two largest banks in the US. But, more importantly, he’s a coder with over 20 years of experience of writing and actually shipping software with a variety of teams in a variety of environments from 2-person startups to 200,000-person enterprises.