A Lap Around Functional Programming

Functional programming in the .NET world shows up in its purest form in F#, but this style of development is ready for you to use in many environments you probably already use.  C# has many functional features today (you probably already are).

Many of us are ASP.NET developers and using JavaScript more and more.  JavaScript is, first and foremost, a functional language.

Following up on Stachu’s look at F#, Chris will take a lap around the tools you can use today in Visual Studio and a quick survey of other options taking the functional world into modern enterprise development.  With distributed applications becoming the norm, it helps to have these tools in your bag to avoid the issues that we’re facing today.

Chris Gomez

Chris is a software developer who loves to share what he’s learned with everyone. A Microsoft MVP, Chris regularly discusses topics such as ASP.NET, Game development, Cloud development and how to grow as a developer at user groups, conferences, and the Static Void Podcast (www.staticvoidpodcast.com)