5 Key Points for Effective T-SQL Unit Testing

In this session we are going to look at the five things you need to know when starting to unit test your T-SQL code. After attending the session you will know how to pick a good unit testing framework, how to write your first test, how to spy on procedures, how to fake tables and how to deal with constraints. We will also briefly cover test case heuristics that help with these questions: “How do I pick the first test?” and “How many tests is enough?”

Sebastian Meine

Sebastian Meine, Ph.D. is the SQL Stylist behind sqlity.net llc. In 2010 he founded sqlity.net to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and years of experience in architecting DBs for a global Fortune 50 company, Sebastian now provides training and consulting services for his clients, specializing in SQL Server Security, Test Driven Development, and Performance. Sebastian is an experienced public speaker, published author, president of the Philly PASS Chapter, PASS Regional Mentor and coauthor & lead developer of tSQLt.