3 Ways Roslyn Will Change Your Life

Roslyn is the next generation of the C# and Visual Basic compilers, so why is there buzz around that? In an evolutionary analogy, it’s the creation of a nucleus allowing faster constructive change. But that’s a bit abstract – what can you actually expect to see and when can you expect it? This talk focuses on three of the five major ways Roslyn will change your life. First it offers stable compilers to keep C# and VB vibrant for as long as 3GL paradigms make sense. You’ll see a handful of the many language changes you’ll get along with the new compilers. Modern editors are based on an understanding of code, and Roslyn allows a common basis for Visual Studio and its tooling ecosystem to understand and evaluate code. The second way Roslyn will change your life is that things like refactoring, code rules and visualizations will become easy to create. Once the challenge of a better framework to hang them on is solved, the community will build them. That means the creativity of Open Source, your team and experienced third party vendors all applied to everyday editing. The third way Roslyn will change your life is an accessible abstraction of code which allows new approaches to the art of programming – to what code is. You’ll see this in improved metaprogramming techniques. Take a quick walk through these three areas to see how Roslyn will change your life.

Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen Dollard loves to code and loves to talk about code. Along the way she’s an architect, a “manager”, a teacher, a writer, a speaker, and hopefully still a fun person! She’s written tons of articles, a book, and spoken around the world. She’s the Director of Engineering for ROI Code, previously Real and has videos in both the www.pluralsight.com and www.wintellectnow.com.