Kids Can Code Night

Our monthly meeting will be held at Microsoft in Malvern, PA on Wednesday, June 21 from 5:30-8:00. Refreshments are provided courtesy of philly.NET.


Please be sure to RSVP as there are a limited number of seats.

You must remain with your child throughout this event. This is not a “drop-off” event.

There will be a dessert break during the lab approximately half way through.

Make Your Own Games and Movies with Scratch

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Philly.NET invites you to bring your children to try Scratch, the interactive programming language from MIT. Many developers of all ages use Scratch to create interactive stories and games. It is a great tool to learn the basic concepts of programming in a visual and fun way.

Our presenter Ben is going to teach other kids how to get started with this fun environment.

(Please notice there are multiple events at the same location. Be sure to RSVP for the event you want to attend)

This is a Hands-On Lab (not a presentation), so bring a laptop (Windows and Mac laptops are supported). You can do everything in a web browser at You can also download a separate client to work offline.

It is not required to create a Scratch account for you or your child before the lab. However, to “save” your work in the cloud and share with the community, you will want to do so.


• You must bring a laptop (Windows or Mac laptops are okay)

• No previous experience is required with Scratch or programming!

• MIT believes Scratch is perfect for kids 8 to 16. We’ve younger children succeed as well.

App Prototyping with Marvel

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Many older kids are ready to make their first aps on the platforms they use every day. Our middle school and high school kids are connected to their phones and soon their watches and TVs. The Marvel App Prototyping platform helps you design great apps before you take the steps of digging deep into the coding.

Our instructor, Annie, will teach you how to brainstorm and plan out your app idea and use the Marvel platform to test out your first ideas. There will be plenty of working together in teams and talking through your ideas with others. The Marvel platform lets you test out your design ideas interactively.

Annie will discuss tips for great app design and teach about important design concepts in wireframing and prototyping.


• You must bring a laptop (Windows or Mac laptops are okay)

• No previous experience is required with Marvel or programming!

• This lab is best suited for middle school and high school kids who are interested in creating apps for the mobile devices they use every day.

• You should create a Marvel account at before you come to the lab. Please ask parents for permission to sign up.