The Future of Silverlight Firestarter Viewing Lunch Party

A special monthly meeting will be held at the Microsoft Greater PA Office in Malvern, PA on Thursday, December 2 from 11:30-1:45. Refreshments are provided courtesy of Microsoft.

Philly .Net is hosting a special event this week. On Thursday December 2nd, we will be hosting a “Lunch and Learn” event to view the live stream of the Future of Silverlight Firestarter. For more information about this event visit Keep in mind that we will only be viewing the Keynote which is from 12:00-1:45.

Come a few minutes early to enjoy a developer’s favorite meal. Nothing is nothing more nutritious for developers than pizza and soda. (ok maybe we lied a bit about the nutritious part)

The Future of Silverlight Keynote

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 pm
Scott Guthrie

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie will be delivering a 90 minute keynote on the future of Silverlight. In it I’ll cover our future Silverlight roadmap, and provide a first look at some of the exciting things coming. If you are interested in Silverlight you won’t want to miss it.